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Ways You're Cleaning Your House That Actually Make It DirtierHere are a few ways you're cleaning your house that actually make it DIRTIER.
Photo: College Students Finish Painting Soldier's HouseA soldier was painting his house when he got deployed, so several college students decided to finished it for him!
Taylor Swift Owns $71 Million in Real EstateAt least she's investing her money.
Would You Live in a House That Might Be Haunted?Why?
The Scariest, Freakiest Haunted Houses In Movies And TVWhat are some of the "Scariest, Freakiest Haunted Houses in Movies and TV"?
Photos: Couple Sued Over Making House Look The Same As Neighbor's HouseA couple recently sued their neighbors for $2.5 million, because they renovated their home to make it look like THEIR house??!!
Photo: House For Sale Across From Graveyard Has "Quiet Neighbors"A realtor advertises a house across from a graveyard as having QUIET NEIGHBORS.
Photo: The Most Expensive House In AmericaThe "Beverly Hillbillies" mansion is now the MOST expensive house in America?
The Filthiest Thing In Your HouseThe FILTHIEST thing in your house is...
Photo: Police Help Child Search For Monsters In New HouseA police officer helped a four-year-old search for monsters in her new house.
The Worst Things Guests Do At Your HouseHere are the WORST things that guests do when they stay at your house.
Viral Video: House Falls Into SinkholeWatch a house crumble into a massive sinkhole.

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