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Coworkers As Facebook FriendsShould you be friends with your coworkers on social media? How about your boss?
Viral Video: Taylor Swift Gives Speech At Friend's WeddingTaylor Swift attended the wedding of one of her best friends on Saturday on Martha's Vineyard, and even did a short speech ROASTING the couple.
‘Smelly Cat’ Parody Is the New Rally Cat AnthemAt this point the Rally Cat is being talked about more than Yadi hitting the grand slam and winning the game for the Cards!
Who Drank the Most Coffee On "Friends"So, who drank the MOST coffee on "Friends"?
Celebrities Who've Been Friends Since ChildhoodYou'd be surprised at how many of your favorite celebs have known each other since they were kids.
Friends: The Musical"Friends" is being turned into an Broadway musical??!!
Donating To Friends On FacebookFacebook is now going to let your friends ask for donations, BUT...
Good FriendsOne in eight people DON'T have any GOOD friends?
Ways To Make Friends As An AdultHere are a few tips for making friends as an ADULT.
Viral Video: "Friends" Invents The Mannequin ChallengeDid "Friends" really invent the Mannequin Challenge 13 years ago?
Hard Truths You Have Trouble Telling Your FriendsWhat HARD TRUTHS would be the toughest to tell a friend?
Friends With Kids Vs. Friends Without KidsBy today's standards, I'm considered an "older" first-time mom.

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