Y98 LISTENERS: Our contest line has changed! Missouri – (314) 531-9898 | Illinois – (618) 397-9898
Viral Video: We Found The Real Maui!Kids think a cashier is Maui from the Movie "Moana".
Photo: Kid Rewards Soccer Player With Found MoneyA kid found money the Ground and sent it to his favorite soccer player??!!
Courtney's Canine Clips: Family Dog Found Alive In Wildfire Ruined HomeWatch a family's dog come out of the rubble ALIVE after their home was destroyed by the California wildfires.
Viral Video: Giant Turtle Found On Catalan BeachIs this the biggest TURTLE you've ever seen?
Valley Park Sugarfire Using Facebook to Return Child's ToyLet's get this doll back to its owner.
Photo: Lost Ring Found On Garden CarrotA woman lost her engagement ring but found it 13 years later on one of her garden's CARROTS.
Viral Video: Ex-DJ Found To Have Groped Taylor Swift Speaks OutThe former DJ who was accused of groping Taylor Swift was interviewed on "Good Morning America" yesterday.
Viral Video: Live Scorpion Found In Bag Of SpinachA couple found a LIVE SCORPION in their bag of spinach!
Photo: Money Found In BurgerA guy bit into his cheeseburger and found $20??!!
Photo: Rat Found In SodaDid a family REALLY find a RAT in the soda they were drinking??!!
Photo: Snake's Head Found In Green BeansA woman reportedly found a severed SNAKES HEAD in a can of green beans.
Scott Weiland Found DeadSadly, former Stone Temple Pilot's lead singer Scott Weiland was found dead on his tour bus last night.

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