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Viral Video: Woman Booted From Flight After Complaining About Dog AllergiesA woman was removed from a plane after she complained about being allergic to several dogs on the flight.
The Best Movies To Watch On A Flight"Bridesmaids" tops a list of the BEST movies to watch on a FLIGHT.
Viral Video: Flight Attendant Caught Pouring Champagne Back Into BottleA flight attendant poured champagne from a glass BACK into the bottle!
The #BowWowChallengeBusted!!!!!!
Viral Video: Fistfight On FlightA FISTFIGHT broke out on a flight from Tokyo to L.A.
The Weirdest Things Flight Attendants Have SeenHere are some of the WEIRDEST things flight attendants have seen on flights.
Viral Video: American Airlines Flight Attendant ConfrontationAn American Airlines flight attendant hit a woman with a stroller and tried to fight another passenger??!!
Viral Video: Kenny G's In Flight ConcertKenny G played an impromptu concert on a flight from Tampa to L.A.
Viral Video: A Fictive Flight Above Real MarsCheck out some of the BEST footage of MARS you'll ever see.
The Most Annoying Questions You Can Ask A Flight AttendantHere are the most ANNOYING questions flight attendants get asked all the time.
Viral Video: Man Chases Down FlightA guy chases his flight down the runway, and they let him on... hut he got arrested.
Babies on a Plane, and JetBlue's ResponseThe person who hates a crying baby on a plane most? Mom.

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