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Viral Video: Bank Robber Caught After InterviewA bank robber is caught after he stops during his getaway to do an on-camera news interview??!!
Viral Video: Chewbacca Caught In TrafficEnjoy Chewbacca caught in a traffic jam.
Viral Video: Ghost Caught On Camera?Did security cameras actually film a GHOST creating havoc at a high school?
Photo: "Ghost" Lobster CaughtA guy in Maine caught a lobster last month with a translucent shell, so it kind of looks like the ghost of a lobster.
Viral Video: Train Driver Caught Dozing OffA train driver nods off at the controls!
Viral Video: Flight Attendant Caught Pouring Champagne Back Into BottleA flight attendant poured champagne from a glass BACK into the bottle!
Viral Video: Teen Caught After Dangling From Sky RideA teenager dangling from an amusement park ride is caught by onlookers!
Phillips Phunny: Reporter Caught DaydreamingA news anchor was shocked when she realized she was on live TV.
Viral Video: Caught In Volcano EruptionHere's what it's like to be caught in a volcano blast.
Photo: Snake Caught In EarlobeA woman's SNAKE got caught in her gauged earlobe??!!
Phillips Phunny: Caught On Surveillance Camera Robbing Surveillance CamerasSurveillance cameras catch a guy trying to rob a store that sells surveillance cameras!
Viral Video: Raw: Replacement Phone Caught SmokingA security camera caught a Samsung replacement phone SMOKING!

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