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How Much Time Men Spend In The BathroomHere's how much time MEN spend in the bathroom throughout their lives.
Viral Video: Unisex Bathroom Wait Time BreakdownA video shows that if all bathrooms were UNISEX, women's wait times would be slashed by 400%!
Phillips Phunny: Cyclist Needs A BathroomA cyclist STOPPED during because he really needed to use the bathroom!
How Much You Make While In The Bathroom At WorkHow much money did you make this year while in the bathroom at work?
Weird Bathroom HabitsHere are a few weird habits we all have in the bathroom.
Photo: Bathroom Tile Looks Like Donald TrumpDoes this bathroom tile REALLY look like Donald Trump??!!
The Nastiest Things In Your BathroomHere are the biggest bathroom related turn-offs when dating.
The Most Annoying Bathroom HabitsA new survey found the most annoying things that women and men do in the bathroom.
Photo: Image Of Jesus In IKEA Bathroom DoorA guy saw the face of Jesus in the pattern on a wood bathroom door at an IKEA in Scotland.
The Worst Bathroom Habits Of MenA new survey found the WORST bathroom habits men have.
What Else We Use The Bathroom For At WorkA new survey asked Americans what they've done in the bathroom at work besides actually USE the bathroom.
Phillips Phunny: Mom Records Son In The Bathroom Talking To Himself Watch as a three-year-old contemplates the effects of his diet as he talks to himself on the toilet.

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