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Photo: "The Office" Doppelgangers ArrestedTwo guys who look like Jim and Dwight from "The Office" are arrested for robbery.
Viral Video: Naya Rivera ArrestedFormer "Glee" star Naya Rivera was arrested for spousal battery.
Photo: Men Arrested In Kazakhstan For Wearing "Borat" MankiniSix guys were arrested in Kazakhstan for wearing the "Borat" mankini!
Photo: Tin Man Arrested For Driving DrunkA guy dressed as the Tin Man is busted For drunk driving.
Viral Video: Graduating Student Arrested For Hitting Principal With PieA student hits his principal with a pie at graduation and gets arrested for assault??!!
Photo: Steven Tyler Look-Alike ArrestedA dude dresses like a lady to hide from police and winds up looking like Steven Tyler??!!
Viral Video: Teen Arrested After Throwing Woman In PoolA woman tried to break up a loud pool party, so a teenager threw he in the pool and got arrested for it.
Shailene Woodley Released From Custody After Trespassing ArrestShailene Woodley has been released from a North Dakota jail following her arrest for criminal trespassing on Monday while protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline in Bismarck.
Viral Video: Rosario Dawson Gets Arrested At Protest RallyRosario Dawson got arrested at a protest in Washington D.C.
Viral Video: Man Arrested For Not Returning Video TapeA guy was arrested for not returning a VHS tape from 14 years ago??!!
Phillips Phunny: Chewbacca Gets ArrestedChewbacca was arrested in Ukraine while campaigning for Darth Vader??!!
Woman Arrested After Calling 911 With Chinese Food ComplaintWhat not to do when the Chinese restaurant gets your food order wrong.

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