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Viral Video: Angry Ex-Girlfriend Gets RevengeAn angry ex-girlfriend rams her ex-boyfriend's car then just drives away??!!
Viral Video: Angry Man Rides Hood Of School BusAn angry man clings to the hood of a school bus??!!
Photo: Angry Gamer Gets Head Stuck In Computer ScreenA guy got so angry playing an internet game that he smashed his HEAD through the computer screen and got it STUCK!
Going To Bed AngryA study finds if you go to bed ANGRY, you'll...
Viral Video: Road Rage! Don't Shoot The Angry GuyA guy almost gets shot by another driver., so he DESTROYS his car!
Your New Facebook ButtonsThere's still no dislike button, but what about Angry, Sad, or Ha-ha?
Things That Make Dads AngryHere are the top things that make dads angry, according to a new survey.
Viral Video: Angry Mom Confronts Katy Perry's DadA woman rips Katy Perry's dad for raising a daughter who's leading "Millions to Hell".
Viral Video: "Angry Birds" Movie TrailerThe first trailer for the "Angry Birds" movie is FINALLY here.
Viral Video: Angry Woman Destroys SalonDid a woman really destroy a salon with a sledgehammer over a BAD HAIRCUT?
Viral Video: Angry Biker Physically Moves CarSomeone parked their car in a bike lane, so a huge dude lifted the back end up and moved it!
Viral Video: "Angry Grandpa" Gets New House"Angry Grandpa's" son pranked him by buying him a house!

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