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Photo: Man In "I Stand For The National Anthem" Shirt Sits On American FlagA New York Jets fan in a "I Stand for the National Anthem" shirt SITS on the American flag??!!
"American" Foods We Take For GrantedHere are some "American" foods that we take for granted, but most people in other countries have never tried them!
Signs You're Living The "Modern" American DreamA recent survey had people name the top signs you're living the "modern" American dream.
The Most Stressed Out American CitiesAccording to a new study, the most stressed out cities in America are...
American Foods Other Countries Would Never EatAn Irish newspaper published a list of American foods they would NEVER eat.
Viral Video: American Airlines Flight Attendant ConfrontationAn American Airlines flight attendant hit a woman with a stroller and tried to fight another passenger??!!
$10K to get BumpedThings are a changing at the airlines after last week and we all win BIG in the end!
Photo: Starbucks' American Cherry Pie FrappuccinoStarbucks has created a cherry pie frappuccino, BUT...
The Most American Car CompaniesWhat's the most "American" car you can own?
The Most Expensive American Cities To VisitThe MOST expensive American city to visit is...
Phillips Phunny: American Golf Fan Heckles Europeans, Sinks PuttA guy heckled Rory McIlroy for missing a putt, so he made it HIMSELF.
The Worst American Cities To Live InA new study found the WORST American cities to live in.

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