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Paul Cook

‘Are You Afraid of the Dark’ Movie in the Works

Your favorite scary stories around the campfire are coming BACK to the big screen! 


Paul Cook Shares An Update On His Cancer Battle

As we’re sure you know by now, our Paul Cook is in the middle of a battle against stage 4 colorectal cancer.


It’s the Pics, I’m Tellin Ya!

Parents are always talking about raising their kids in a smartphone world. We all worry about it and some go to extremes to make sure their children don’t ever get near that cellular devil. Most folks believe the biggest harm to our kids will come from them…


Go Generic

Wouldn’t it be great to save money without really changing your life or habits of living? A study revealed the #1 way to do that: GO GENERIC!


REVIEW: The Mummy with Tom Cruise

We have our first “F grade” given to a movie this year. Quite a few of those are rolling in for Tom Cruise’s latest blockbuster: “The Mummy.”


When Love is Right…

I just found some extraordinary research that revealed “When Two Lovers Gaze At Each Others’ Eyes, Their Heart Rates Synchronize.” Pretty cool right? They also show how “love” is a painkiller.


Country Drug References?

Okay, of all the different musical genres, which one mentions “drugs” the most? You won’t believe where rap comes in. 


Dangerous Drowsy Driving

Bit of a shocker here. Drivers who are running on less than five hours of sleep are just as dangerous as drunk drivers, statistically speaking.


Video: Meet Uncorked Artist Alexandra Kay

This girl is impressive! I’m so happy people are starting to notice the fun, sweet, sharp talent of Uncorked St. Louis artist Alexandra Kay.


How Should Taylor Respond To Katy

Did she do it yet? Where!? What?! Not yet, and that in itself is “the response” for now. A few successful Hollywood publicists offer up why that’s smart and what both star’s next move should be.


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