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Courtney Landrum

For the past 18 years, Courtney Landrum has worked as the Y98 Morning Show producer and co-host. The priceless personal stories she tells that most always include her boyfriend Nick and her beer drinking antics provide many laughs for the Y98 listeners on their drives to work. When the weather’s nice, Courtney and Nick spend many hours on the golf course, playing for fun or to support St. Louis charities. She can also be found in the stands cheering on her nieces as they compete at gymnastics competitions or one of the St. Louis sports teams. Singing, dancing, and drinking beer at a concert is another place you may find her. She hates the winter months and during them hangs out at home in Fairview Heights with Nick (of course), their dog Peabo and three cats, Addie, Webster, and Lil Bits/Tyne Daley (she answers to both) eating her favorite Mexican food.

Courtney was born and raised in Belleville and enjoyed figure skating and dancing growing up. She even spent time teaching kids to dance after graduating High School. She has been a fixture on morning radio in St. Louis for over 20 years. She started on the Steve and D.C. show during the peak of popularity for seven years and then co-hosted her own show for a year on Alice @104.1.  Courtney came to Y98 in 1999 and has been live and local since.

Bottom line…Courtney Landrum is awesome and could win a dance contest just on her moon walk alone!

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