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Jill DevineBy Jill Devine

There are horrible movies you wouldn’t be caught dead watching, and then there are those you’re curious enough to secretly check out.

The Ringer polled several staff members to find out what the worst movie they’ve ever willingly watched as an adult is. Here are some highlights:

*Ninja Assassin. I would tell you about the twist that made me walk out before the epilogue, but it’s honestly so bad that I struggle not to brand it as art. Anyway, don’t watch it for that. Watch it for the fight choreography.

*The Emoji Movie. As a parent, sometimes you’re forced to sit through some awful movies, but The Emoji Movie was the absolute worst.

*Movie 43. My friend and I decided to skip the 2013 Super Bowl in favor of watching Movie 43 and it is easily one of the worst decisions I’ve made in my lifetime.

*Pain & GainPain & Gain is a movie where Mark Wahlberg and the Rock are stupid bodybuilders who commit a stupid kidnapping, yet after paying $11 I was the one who felt that I was being held against my will. The only time I’ve left a movie theater a lesser person than when I entered was when I watched this movie.


Care to share the worst movie you ever willingly watched?



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