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This season on “The Bachelor”, four of the women are named ‘Lauren’??!!

On this season of “The Bachelor”, four of the 29 contestants were named LAUREN. One has already been sent home. The other three are still in it. And it turns out ‘Lauren’ is now the most common contestant name on the show.

E! News went through all the contestants from 22 seasons, and the five most common names are Lauren, Jennifer, Ashley, Amanda, and Sarah. They’ve had 15 Laurens . . . 13 Jennifers or Jennys . . . 12 Ashleys . . . 12 Amandas or Mandys . . . and 11 Sarahs.

They also looked at the most common names for guys on “The Bachelorette”, and CHRIS is #1. They’ve had 14 Chris’s in 13 seasons . . . 12 Johns . . . 12 Brians . . . 11 Ryans . . . and 10 Mikes. The host is also a Chris . . . Chris Harrison.

Only one of those Chris’s has gone on to win though . . . Chris Siegfried, who ended up with Desiree Hartsock on Season Eight.

And only one Lauren has won on “The Bachelor” . . . Lauren Bushnell, who ended up with Ben Higgins back in 2016.

And finally, there’s never been a Bachelorette named Lauren, but there HAS been a Bachelor named Chris . . . Chris Soules from Season 18, who, by the way, is going on trial this month for a deadly hit-and-run crash in Iowa back in April.

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