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According to a new study, the cities where it’s the easiest to keep a New Year’s resolution are…

A new study took 180 U.S. cities, and ranked them according to how easy it is for people who live there to stick to their resolution.

They looked at stats for five different types of resolutions that have to do with health, money, jobs, bad habits, and relationships. For example, they looked up how many gyms and health food stores there are to rank each city for the health category.

The best city OVERALL for sticking with any type of resolution is Seattle. The rest of the top 10 are San Francisco . . . San Diego . . . Scottsdale . . . Salt Lake City . . . San Jose . . . Orlando . . . Irvine, California . . . Austin . . . and Portland, Oregon.

The best city to be in if you have a health-related resolution is San Diego. For financial resolutions AND bad habits, it’s Columbia, Maryland, between Baltimore and D.C. It’s only 19th overall because it ranked pretty low in work and relationship resolutions.

For work-related ones, the best city is South Burlington, Vermont. And the best city for relationship resolutions is San Francisco

The city where it’s the HARDEST to stick to your resolution is Gulfport, Mississippi, followed by Shreveport, Louisiana, and Newark, New Jersey.

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