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30% of millennials have told a co-worker how much they make.

Do you know how much your co-workers get paid? And would you be willing to tell them what YOU make? It used to be taboo. But according to a recent survey, young people are much more likely to say it’s FINE now.

30% of workers between 18 and 36 have shared their salary information with a co-worker.

Only 8% of people between 53 and 71 have done it. BusinessInsider.com came up with six possible reasons young people are more open about their salary…

1. They’ve been taught to collaborate instead of compete.

2. They value transparency. But really, who doesn’t?

3. They value fairness and equality more than older generations.

4. In general, they’re not as selfish.

5. Everyone has massive amounts of student debt. So it’s easy to relate to each other and feel like you’re all in it together.

6. Companies are more open about salaries. The new school of thought is that being transparent with salary information reduces tension and improves performance. The social media company Buffer even makes it available to the public.

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