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Jill DevineBy Jill Devine
Mayim Bialik asks a very interesting question … why are moms so competitive?

As a fairly new mom, I’m learning how competitive AND judgmental other moms can be and quite honestly, it SUCKS.

Mayim shared her thoughts about this in a video.  She starts by talking about attending a local mom’s group and “instantly felt out of place.”

 She said the moms were encouraged to brag about things like the speed of their labor and “how precocious their babies were with pooping, rolling over, sitting up, smiling.”

“Everything was a competition,” she said. “There were not my people. I left in tears.”

Further into the video, Mayim offers up a theory.

She said she thinks the competition is mostly confined to her generation, which she said was the first to be raised “after the revolutionary turmoil of the women’s movement” and the first who “was constitutionally raised to believe that we can and should do it all.” She said these beliefs prepared women to compete in the workplace.

“So, when this generation became mothers and removed ourselves from the career world, we took that competitive drive and we seem to have superimposed it on our lives as mothers,” she said.

Mayim ends by asking for women to support each other more.  I 100% agree with this!

Here’s the whole video:




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