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By Jill Devine
I didn’t go to the Lady Gaga concert last night, but my mom and sister did.  They said it was fantastic and my sister wrote a review and sent me a few pics.  If you missed out on the show, here’s a recap:
Last night was phenomenal.  The singing, choreography, and everything else was so, very good.  It was fun, explosive, however not over the top.  Her stage was so cool!  It would raise up and down in 3 different sections.  It would tilt to the side like a seesaw and there were two “circle” stages in the middle of the floor, spaced apart.  Then all of a sudden, at the other end – opposite her main stage – a mini stage appeared, which was directly in front of us.  These “bridges” came down from the ceiling to allow her and her dancers to walk from stage to stage and she did that back and forth.  She spent time in the center and for three songs in front of us which was cool.  The best part was her mini stage in front of us was with her piano and got to see her do a few songs on that.
lady 2 My Sisters Lady Gaga Review

Credit: Dawn Devine

lady 3 My Sisters Lady Gaga Review

Credit: Dawn Devine

lady 4 My Sisters Lady Gaga Review

Credit: Dawn Devine

lady 5 My Sisters Lady Gaga Review

Credit: Dawn Devine

She had two very heartfelt moments throughout the show.  One, down in front of us she sang “Edge of Glory” on the piano only.  It was dedicated to her friend, who was the manager of her group, who passed away from cancer.  Later on she sang her song off the new album, about Joanne.  She talked about her, and she talked about herself and her own disease and she sang that stripped down.
She did sing songs from her new album of course, which were good, but she sang all the favorites from “Telephone”, “Just Dance”, “Paparazzi”, “Poker Face”, “Born This Way”, “Love Game”, and “Disco Stick” (LOVE THIS SONG)!
Her final three songs were “Bad Romance”, a new one that I didn’t know, and “Million Reasons”.
For me it was a top-notch show, entertaining, and executed very, very well.  Her talent is amazing for sure.  I would go see her again for a show like that!

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