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Here are the best ways to settle into a new neighborhood.

A new survey found the ten best things you can do to settle into a new neighborhood…

1. Always say “hello” to your neighbors.

2. Visit the local restaurants and bars.

3. Accept packages for your next-door neighbors.

4. Make an effort to have conversations with people on your street.

5. Invite people over for coffee.

6. Volunteer for a community project.

7. Invite your neighbor over for dinner.

8. Offer to keep an eye on your neighbor’s house while they’re away.

9. Go to events at the school.

10. Get a dog.

The survey also found the top ten signs that your effort worked and you’ve actually become a part of the community…

1. You bump into someone you know every time you go out.

2. You get Christmas cards from your neighbors.

3. You become a regular at one of the local restaurants or bars.

4. At least 20 people know your name.

5. You know all the streets and parks.

6. Your kids start going to the schools.

7. Your neighbors start telling you secrets.

8. Your neighbors give you a key to their house.

9. You get invited to someone’s house for coffee.

10. You know the mailman’s name.

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