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The Best And Worst Fall TV Shows

What are the BEST and WORST shows of this fall’s TV season?

The “Daily Beast” has a breakdown of the ‘Best and Worst TV Shows of the Fall.’ It’s just their opinion . . . but at least they explained why they like or dislike each show.

Here are the highlights:

“Young Sheldon” is labeled the ‘most promising’ new show, and it isn’t just because it’s been doing well in the ratings. They like how the show is a lot different than “The Big Bang Theory” . . . ditching the studio, multi-cam format, and coming across more like “The Wonder Years” than just a normal sitcom.

“The Deuce” is labeled the ‘most fun’ new show . . . because, quote, “It’s a high-brow show about low-brow art . . . porn . . . with impeccable production value, wild performances, and enough salaciousness to keep you titillated.”

“The Good Doctor” is called the ‘most surprising success,’ because it’s a mix of “Doogie Howser, M.D.” and “House”, and that didn’t seem like it would be a huge hit . . . yet it attracted 19.2 million viewers for its first episode, and has been able to hold that audience.

The return of “Will & Grace” is the ‘most defiant of expectations,’ in a good way. They like how it, quote, “kept what it made it so great intact, [while also having] a willingness to charge into present-day issues, gay or otherwise, with the same fearlessness it did two decades ago.”

Netflix’s true-crime spoof “American Vandal” is the ‘best-kept secret.’ They say, quote, “It might sound juvenile, and [penis] jokes figure heavily into the plot. But it’s far more sophisticated than most of us gave it credit for at first blush.”

Netflix’s animated “Big Mouth” is the ‘biggest word-of-mouth success’ . . . and according to the site, the show’s biggest fans are “straight thirty-something males.”

“Kevin (Probably) Saves the World” is labeled the ‘best effort,’ but they’re lukewarm about it. Quote, “It’s adorable. It’s pleasant. It’s fine.”

“Megyn Kelly Today” is the ‘biggest train wreck,’ which isn’t surprising. It’s a popular punching bag. The site says, quote, “Daytime debuts are always wonky. But few are this messy, or so thoroughly fail to even understand what the host is good at.”

“The Brave”, “Valor”, and “SEAL Team” are called the ‘biggest copycats,’ because they’re basically interchangeable, one-dimensional military shows with over-the-top patriotism.

Elsewhere, “Star Trek: Discovery” is referred to as the “Star Trek” show we deserved, while “Orville” is the “Star Trek” show no one asked for.

“The Mayor” is the ‘best new sitcom no one’s watching,’ and “9JKL” is the ‘WORST new sitcom no one’s watching.’

Marvel’s “Inhumans” is ‘the biggest bomb’ . . . “Dynasty” is the ‘worst reboot’ . . . and the biggest ‘WTF’ moment is the “Kevin Can Wait” drama, where Erinn Hayes’ character was killed off so Kevin James could re-team with Leah Remini.

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