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Halloween — a day devoted to costumes, tricks, and treats. And with those treats comes a lot of sugar.

But just how much sugar does the average person — specifically, the average child — consume on Halloween? It’s a lot more than you’d expect.

According to a 2016 article from Global News, the average American child eats 95 grams a day— almost four times the daily recommendation. It seems sugar intake is an issue all year long, not just on October 31.

Because of that, it seems illogical to forbid your child — or you — from enjoying Halloween candy, cookies, and the like. After all, depriving yourself only makes you eat more when given the opportunity, according to HuffPost. There are, however, some tricks you can try to reduce the amount of sugar they eat without taking away all the fun.

For starters, eating a hearty meal before heading out to the festivities can make a huge difference. Wendy Palmer, a registered dietitian with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, told CNN that even serving a protein-rich peanut butter and jelly sandwich can go a long way.

“Kids are really in tune with their appetite and won’t be as tempted to snack if they are full,” Palmer said.

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