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Americans Are the Best Lovers in the World

America may’ve fallen behind the rest of the world in things like healthcare, science, and education . . . but at least we’re still number one when it comes to bringing the HEAT in the bedroom.


According to a new study, Americans are the BEST LOVERS in the world.


People in the study were asked to rank their most recent sex partner on a scale from one to ten.  Then they were also asked where that person was from.


And America was the only country where both men and women averaged an eight out of ten.


South Africa, France, Italy, and Canada all came close.  South African men got an eight, but the women got a seven . . . and French, Italian, and Canadian women all got eights, but the men got sevens.


So what country is the worst in bed?  Sorry, New Zealand.  The women got a six . . . and the men only got a four.

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