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Jill DevineBy Jill Devine

The latest trend, according to Buzzfeed, is painting a pumpkin on your baby’s butt!

#PumpkinButt has shown up on more than 16,000 posts and the pics feature babies’ naked butts covered in orange paint in the shape of a pumpkin.  You can click HERE to see some examples.

For me, as soon as I saw the pics … INSTANT SMILE!  I don’t think I will do it with Lu because the girl would not sit still long enough for me to create a pumpkin on her booty and it would end up looking like something NOT cute!

Most people see the fun in this trend, but of course there have to be Negative Nelly’s out there.

One blogger, Gina Fenton, wrote:

Babies are not chalk boards or blank canvases, for God’s sake.

We just don’t paint our offspring for our own selfish entertainment.

Again. It’s not cute.

Worse yet is posting these humiliating photos on the Internet for everyone and their brother to copy, paste and pin to Pinterest where the copy-paste-post cycle will repeat for all of eternity.

Soon enough, Pumpkin Butt will grow into a child with emotions who’s capable of independent thought and will more than likely resent the hell out of the artist.

One Twitter user said, “Like, I find zero joy in seeing a pumpkin painted on your child’s butt.  Pass.”

Any one else sick of negativity and over analyzing?  I AM!

I say keep the pumpkin butts coming!


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