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Jill DevineBy Jill Devine

Being a parent in 2017 comes with a new set of challenges–namely, the internet and avocado toast.

With that in mind, BuzzFeed has compiled this list of hilarious tweets by millennial moms.  Some of these I can definitely relate to and some … well, I’m not there yet, but I wonder what it will be like in a few years.  Yikes!!

Here are a few examples:

*“My 5-year-old started adding ‘please’ to his audio searches on YouTube. It’s the little things.”

*“I will never yell at my husband in front of my children. I’ll just text him in all CAPS from the other room.”

*“My first grader playing hairdresser with her dolls: ‘So, have you seen any good memes lately?’ Sigh…”

*“I was gonna pay for my kids’ college tuition but I made them #AvocadoToast instead.”

*“When your 5-year-old asks you to ‘hashtag’ him.”

*“I don’t uses baby Tylenol, I just stick a crystal in his diaper.”

#AvocadoToast lolllllolollololllllllololloollllll!  TRUTH!



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