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We all know that Harrison Ford is great as Indiana Jones and Han Solo, but what are his WORST movie performances?

The writers at Vulture.com binged Harrison Ford movies recently to get ready for his return to the big screen in the “Blade Runner” sequel, and they RANKED his 36 most notable performances.

His starring role in the “Indiana Jones” movies is #1 , and his role as Han Solo in the “Star Wars” movies is #2 followed by “The Mosquito Coast”, “Witness”, “The Fugitive”, and “American Graffiti”.

But what’s REALLY fun is what they chose for his five WORST performances.

The #1 spot for that went to “Expendables 3”. They say, quote, “He has just a couple of scenes as a getaway pilot who helps the gang, and he resembles more a Sinatra cameo in an old Bob Hope golf comedy than anything else.”

His 2003 movie “Hollywood Homicide” with Josh Hartnett is #2 . . . followed by “Firewall”, “Hanover Street”, “Cowboys and Aliens”, and “Heroes”.

For what it’s worth, Harrison only has ONE Oscar nomination, and that was for “Witness” back in 1985.

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