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A new Twitter sensation was born at last night’s St. Louis Cardinals game.

As the foul ball off Jedd Gyorko’s bat came toward his front row seats down Busch Stadium’s left-field line, Andrew Gudermuth stood and backed away. Then, “Out of nowhere,” he recalls, “(Addison) Russell comes in, dives over the wall and actually takes my girlfriend out and actually pushes her back into her chair. He slid over my nephew’s back in the process” In doing so, the Chicago Cubs shortstop knocks an order of loaded nachos out of his nephew’s hand and into his girlfriend’s lap and then, as Gudermuth describes it, “drop-kicked mine out of my hands.”

“I was really worried about my nachos,” Gudermuth said Tuesday morning, “when I should have probably been more worried about by girlfriend.” He says she’s fine, but was sleeping off a bit of a headache on Tuesday morning.

It didn’t take long for Gudermuth to become a celebrity. “All of sudden people started coming up and bringing, like, empty nacho trays. One kid actually came up and had me sign his chest with cheese, a cup of nacho cheese.”

Then the Cardinals stepped up, giving he and his girlfriend a tray of loaded nachos and new shirts from the Cardinals Team Store. Then fans pitched in too, buying them Italian shaved ice and asking for autographs.

A while later, the Cubs shortstop came out of the dugout and presented him with an order of plain nachos. But the fact the Cardinals gave him loaded nachos, while the Cubs gave him plain nachos with a cup of cheese, didn’t escape Gudermuth, who tweeted:

Within an hour of the posting, Gudermuth says the tweet had 7,600 likes and 3,000 retweets.

But that’s not all. He also caught three foul balls throughout the game, giving one to a young fan in a Cardinals shirt.

“I turned around and there was a little kid who looked like he couldn’t necessarily get up to the front to catch it and everything,” Gudermuth says. “So I turned around and was talking to his mom. He came over a little bit later and actually asked me for a picture and everything. It was very interesting and very nice to see.”

And all this happened at the first game Gudermuth has been able to go to in a year. “We couldn’t go last year because my mom was going through chemo.” His grandfather bought them the front row seats. “My grandpa surprised us with them. He knew we really wanted to go a Cardinal game so he bought us tickets and everything. We didn’t expect any of that to happen.”


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