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According to a new study, the beer that makes you BURP most is…

A scientist tested 31 different beers to see which ones make you burp the most. He measured how much CO-2 each one has. The more CO-2, the more you burp. And the burpiest beer is BUDWEISER. Here’s the top ten…

1. Budweiser.

2. A tie between Stella and Coors Light.

3. Corona

4. Bud Light . . . although people thought it TASTED fizzier than any beer in the top 10.

5. Heineken.

6. Pilsner Urquell.

7. Foster’s.

8. Sam Adams

9. Beck’s.

10. Kronenbourg.

If you want to avoid all that burping, go with a Peroni or an IPA. And in general, COLD beer makes you burp less. Warm beer releases CO-2 faster, so you get it all at once.

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