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Is Your gym LYING to you?

Here are a few of the most-common lies your gym tells you when you’re signing up…

1. “There’s no commitment.” Most gym memberships are legal contracts, and even if you can get out of them, it might cost you. So when you’re signing up, look specifically for the contract’s cancellation policies, and get a copy for your records.

2. “Cancel anytime.” Gyms make it easy to sign up, but it can be WAY more difficult to cancel. Sometimes it requires jumping through hoops like sending a written request by mail instead of just doing it online or making a phone call.

3. “Low monthly fee.” This one might be true, but gyms with a low monthly fee are generally based on a long commitment, like a year or more. Month-to-month rates are usually higher.

4. “Bigger is better.” The big gym chains advertise like crazy, but smaller gyms are becoming more popular. And those smaller places may offer things the big chains can’t . . . like more personalized training, small group workouts, and better communication with management.

5. “No extra fees.” Administrative or initiation fees often aren’t mentioned in ads and promos. And these fees tend to be pure profit . . . so you MIGHT be able to get them waived if you ask while signing up.

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