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When sophomore college student Lauren (@laurenclairee6 on Twitter) signed up for an online class, she probably thought it was a smart way to earn credits while still in her pajamas, and maybe even get some more flexibility in her schedule. Her professor, though, didn’t get the memo.

Just after 10:30 a.m. on Monday, the teacher wrote his new students an email with the subject line “Disappointed.” that read, “Today was the first day of class and nobody showed up. If this is how you will all act the entire semester, feel free to drop my course.”

Instead of dropping out, it looks like students decided to, um, alert the professor to the class being online, because 15 minutes later, everyone got another email, this time with the subject line “I’m sorry.” saying, “It has just come to my attention that this is an online course. No in person class time is required. I am very sorry for the rude email. I’m not a jerk, I promise. Please forgive me, class.”

You know all the students were sitting at home like…

giphy College Professor Scolds His Online Class for Not Showing Up


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