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Since there was no eclipse this past weekend, I had a chance to screw up another project at home. It’s all part of my, “Good Enough” television show pitch. Finished my garage workbench with my own butcher block top ripped and cut (unlike me) to fit recently installed cabinets.

 Guys Weekend in 5 Photos

Here is a snap of my finished project. Now Kim will expect me to spend time in the garage fixing things. How dumb of me to create something that creates more work. It’s like being at work.

 Guys Weekend in 5 Photos

Made a day of it at Gateway International Speedway for the Bommarito 500 Indy series race on Saturday night. Here I am posing with former pro golfer, Fuzzy Zoeller, who has a racing team sponsored by “Fuzzy’s Ultra Premium Vodka.” Their car, sadly, got crunched on a turn. Is this a case of driving FOR drinking???

img 4680 Guys Weekend in 5 Photos

Spending time with my good friend, Dolph, with one of the Honda Indy cars at the Bommarito 500. He knows a lot about cars. I know a lot about women. I have no idea why we hang around one another.

 Guys Weekend in 5 Photos

I also ran into local St. Louis superstar, Tim Ezell. My daughter used to work with him at Channel 2 and we sent this picture to her. She replied, “Who are these people?”

img 4679 Guys Weekend in 5 Photos

Indy car.

 Guys Weekend in 5 Photos

I wrapped up my weekend helping a couple of college guys move stuff into their dorm at Wash U. (I carried a guitar and a computer monitor and I’m still exhausted) Don’t ask how I met them, because it’s a loooong story, but Noah and Gabe treated me to a Billy G’s lunch. School is awesome!!

 Guys Weekend in 5 Photos



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