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According to a new study, the most WORTHLESS college majors are…

A new study ranked the most WORTHLESS majors. Plenty of people DO find success with them. But it’s not always easy. And #1 might surprise you. Here are the top five.

1. Clinical psychology. It’s because the current unemployment rate is over 8%. And the median income is $43,000 a year. That’s 31% lower than the overall average.

2. Miscellaneous fine arts degrees. Things like music, film, and graphic design. There’s a lot of competition, so it’s tough to find a job. There was actually another recent study that found the most common job fine arts majors end up in is retail sales.

3. Composition and rhetoric. Which is a specific type of English major.

4. Community organizing and human services.

5. Studio arts. So things like painting and photography.

Four of the five MOST valuable majors are in engineering. Number one is petroleum engineering, followed by pharmacy . . . geological engineering . . . mineral engineering . . . and marine engineering.

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