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Jill DevineBy Jill Devine

Planning a vacation means focusing almost entirely on the “where,” but the website Post Grad Problems suggests that to plan the perfect getaway, you’ve also gotta think about the “how”–as in, how long should your vacation last? That depends on what type of trip you’re envisioning.

While two-plus days is great for a staycation, the perfect amount of time for a “once (maybe twice?) a year, big daddy” vaykay is believed to be 11 days. Why 11? “In theory, you’ll have two weekends at your destination,” the site explains.

But the real key is making sure that 11th day isn’t a travel day. “That’s strictly for unpacking that suitcase which would otherwise sit there until you had no other choice but to do laundry,” the site says.

Do you agree with the above information?  I will say I disagree that a “two-plus days” vacation should be a staycation.  I think you can go somewhere for that short amount of time.


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