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Big b-day party and cat grooming

I know from the title of my weekend you’re thinking…how does she have so much fun on the weekends?  Well Friday was lots of fun as we had a fun 50th b-day party for my brother Chris.  Lots of friends showed up to celebrate at Dorchester Swim Club.  We’ve been going to this pool since we were all kids but a lot of our friends hadn’t been there in years so it was fun to share memories of our days at the pool when we were kids.

Here’s my brother Chris with his Godparents, Tom and Linda

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Friends for over 30 years

20862270 10213316351120112 1374371604 o Courts Weekend in 5 Photos

My niece Syd and her BFF Maya, can’t believe they’re 8th graders!

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I saw someone over the weekend start a thread about taking a close-up pic of your animal.  Since the Rally Cat has been so big I thought I’d take a pic of one of my cats.  This is Bitsy, she’s way overweight so she can’t clean herself properly and I spent part of my day Saturday cutting off matted hair clumps, so much fun.  She is cute though…

20841341 10213316350600099 1029422789 o Courts Weekend in 5 Photos

And on Sunday Nick made a purchase after his Pickleball Tournament Victory.  Looks like I’m gonna start playing Pickleball with him, there’s apparently a park right by us that has courts so “Yay” for me. 😉

20862590 10213316350520097 945987088 o Courts Weekend in 5 Photos

Click here to see Jen’s photos here! 



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