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This weekend was one of celebrations and goodbyes.

From soccer camp, to basketball camp, to camp where they learned archery and Tae Kwon Do – my son has had a blast at camp this summer. Friday was the end of Rock Camp, and better way to wrap up summer vacation than with an end-of-camp concert! Finn got to try out all the instruments this week, but he’s a drummer just like his Dad! His band’s name? The Screaming Eagles (like the Six Flags ride). They performed Weezer’s “Perfect Situation”, Twenty-One Pilots’ “Ride”, and an original song. It was awesome watching all the bands – and I realized how old I am because I really love the idea of a concert starting at 1:30pm!

img 3417 Jens Weekend in 5 Photos (August 12 14)

(photo credit: Jen Myers)

The Screaming Eagles sweet kick drum:

img 3409 Jens Weekend in 5 Photos (August 12 14)

(photo credit: Jen Myers)

Next up, the Art Show at Nora’s preschool. The kids spent the summer working on some amazing art projects. My favorite had to be the photographs that they came up with just with using an iPad. I think I want to hang Nora’s up in our house! It also happened to be “fancy” day at school, so she decided to wear her Belle dress.

img 3431 Jens Weekend in 5 Photos (August 12 14)

(photo credit: Jen Myers)

Friday was Nora’s last day as a “Turtle” at her preschool; next week she moves up into her pre-K room. So we had to say goodbye to Lisa, Amy, and Cara (pictured here). I get super emotional when I have to say goodbye to teachers at the end of the school year, but this year especially so. I still remember dropping Nora off in her new Turtle classroom last August; all of my hair had fallen out from my chemo treatments. I had also just found out that my cancer had come back. Some days where I barely had the energy to take care of myself, but for the past year these teachers took care of my 3 & 1/2-year-old. They showered her with love and hugs, and took care of her on days when I could barely get out of bed. Thank God for these women, because we could not have gotten through the last year without them.

img 3437 Jens Weekend in 5 Photos (August 12 14)

(photo credit: Jen Myers)

Saturday I went to the memorial service at Laumeier Sculpture Park for Leo Fleming. Leo was diagnosed with leukemia earlier this year. He was three years old. Not fair, right? His mom was one of my oncology nurses. If there was anyone who deserved a karmic free pass from cancer it was the 3-year-old son of an oncology nurse, but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. The service was beautiful, and afterward they released blue balloons. It was impossible for me to not think about this moment all weekend. My heart ached as I wish that I could lift the heaviness in Erin’s heart, if only for a moment. I squeezed my kids a little tighter this weekend and I reminded myself, as I often do now, that I am lucky for each day that I get with them.

leoballoons Jens Weekend in 5 Photos (August 12 14)

(photo credit: Matt Meyers)

Our Pedal the Cause team has the honor of riding for Leo this year as we raise money for cancer research at Siteman Cancer Center and Children’s Hospital.

And I ask that you please help out Erin’s family with their medical bills, if you can. There was a Go Fund Me page set up a few months back to help with expenses (Erin had to leave her job to take care of Leo when he was in the hospital). Even if you have a few dollars it will make a huge difference. You can get to the Go Fund Me page here.





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