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Jill DevineBy Jill Devine

A new study just figured out the most and least pet-friendly cities in the country.  The rankings are based on factors like vet costs, pet-friendly restaurants, pet-friendly rentals, animal protection laws, dog parks, walking trails, and weather.

The top 10 most pet friendly cities are:




San Diego


Birmingham, Alabama

Austin, Texas



Las Vegas

The 10 least pet friendly cities are: 

Newark, New Jersey



New York City


Santa Ana, California

Buffalo, New York


Anchorage, Alaska

Charlotte, North Carolina.


The results of a different survey reveal cats are by far the most popular pets for people who cheat.  Well isn’t that nice?  There’s a cheating website that polled its members to find out what kind of pets they have and here’s how it breaks down for six different types of pets:

*Cats. 26% of the members they polled said they own a cat.

*Rabbits, 17%.

*Snakes, lizards, and other reptiles, 15%.

*Rats, mice, and other rodents, 12%.

*Fish, 9%.

*Dogs, 7% .  Another 14% said they either don’t have pets, or their pet wasn’t on the list.

Ummmm, completely off topic … I probably shouldn’t be surprised by the fact there’s a website designed specifically for cheaters, but I am.




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