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Jill DevineBy Jill Devine

Let’s be honest, is there really a hangover cure that works?!?!?!  Besides sleeping and salty, greasy food (and honestly those two things don’t completely cure it), I have yet to find a cure.

Apparently, I’m not alone in feeling this way and lots of people have changed their strategy for dealing with hangovers.

According to a new study out of the University of Bath in England, now people are handling their hangovers by just scheduling their next day around them.  They found that after a big night out, people expect to spend a decent portion of the next day with a headache, feeling annoyed and depressed and lonely.

Maybe if you know it’s coming and don’t let it ruin your plans for the next day because you intentionally don’t have any that really is the best way to beat a hangover.  Seems logical!


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