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Jen’s Weekend in 5 Photos (August 4-6)

The weekend started off on a great note – my son was the knockout champion at basketball camp! I still don’t understand how to play knockout, but you’re talking to a girl whose only basket was scored for the other team (true story).

img 1489 Jens Weekend in 5 Photos (August 4 6)

(Photo credit: Jen Myers)

As I was dropping my son off at practice on Saturday morning I spotted this porta potty. It gave me instant flashbacks to the Guns N Roses Riverport Riot from 1991 where one of Courtney’s friends was trapped in one of these when it was tipped over…with the door facing down. I shutter every time I think about it. Luckily no one was harmed in the tipping of this porta potty.

img 1494 Jens Weekend in 5 Photos (August 4 6)

(Photo credit: Jen Myers)

Saturday night was Hunger is No Joke – a benefit for the St. Louis Area Foodbank. Maria Bamford was the headliner and she was hilarious. My face hurt from laughing so much. You should watch Maria’s Netflix special Old Baby, or watch her Netflix series, Lady Dynamite, if you haven’t already.

img 0329 Jens Weekend in 5 Photos (August 4 6)

(Photo credit: Maddie Smith)

Backstage with Maria and my friend Emily. The walls backstage at the Pageant are covered with photos of owner Joe Edwards with bands/artists/comics who have played the venue.

img 0337 Jens Weekend in 5 Photos (August 4 6)

(Photo credit: Ryan Farmer)

Day Twenty-****ing-One.

I take a medicine every month to help me in case my cancer returns. The drug is designed to slow the growth of the cancer cells (and all the healthy cells, too). I take it for three weeks, take one week off, and then repeat. Days 1-14 usually aren’t so bad, but days 15-28 become progressively difficult. This past week has been pretty bad, but I always give myself a mental high-five when I finish another 21 days of the drug. One more crappy week and I should be back to feeling like myself again. At least my crappy week can be spent in bed, and not in that porta potty that was tipped over.

 Jens Weekend in 5 Photos (August 4 6)

(Photo credit: Jen Myers)

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