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8 First Date Ideas You Definitely Weren’t Expecting

While grabbing drinks is a solid first date plan, but there are so many other ways to get to know each other. As such, Elite Daily has compiled this list of eight unconventional first date ideas:
  1. Go to a psychic. Why not leave your date up to fate?
  2. Go to a botanical garden. Nature is so much more romantic than a bar.
  3. Head to an arcade. Heading to an arcade will make you both feel like kids again, and that’s what love should feel like.
  4. Get your aura read. Aura photography provides both an activity and a built-in conversation.
  5. Make pizzas. Doing an activity on the first date requires participation and teamwork.
  6. Binge-watch Netflix. A Netflix session leaves room for cuddling and making out, should you need a break from watching TV.
  7. Go to a flea market. Flea markets usually have food, outdoor music, tons of clothes and trinkets, and only cost about $5 to get in.
  8. Find a trivia night. Just make sure it’s a trivia night where you both are either equally informed (or equally uninformed).

50dates y98 8 First Date Ideas You Definitely Werent Expecting

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