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Guy’s Weekend In 5 Photos (July 15 &16)

Here’s how Guy spent his weekend in 5 photos.

Kim was at the lake with her girlfriends so I fended for myself at mealtime. How’s this for a healthy choice? It’s all part of my master plan to get down to my high school dating weight.

img 2034 Guy’s Weekend In 5 Photos (July 15 &16)

Okay, I didn’t get into the National Radio Hall of Fame (yet!) but neither did Ryan Seacrest. However, I don’t have my own line of clothing at Macy’s. “No-Iron Slim”…whatever. My line would be “Guyz Size.”

img 2045 Guy’s Weekend In 5 Photos (July 15 &16)

I wonder, if after a round of golf, a professional golfer might go home and nap with their cat. Don’t laugh, it happens.

 Guy’s Weekend In 5 Photos (July 15 &16)

Spent Saturday night on the Hill with a haphazard reunion of old golfing buddies at Charlie Gitto’s. Charlie, Jr. and I kept the laughs coming in between eggplant Napoleon and Saltimbocca. They told me if I ever wanted to see the sunrise again, I HAD to eat the tiramisu.

 Guy’s Weekend In 5 Photos (July 15 &16)

Kim is beside herself that a family of rabbits has burrowed underneath her garden. Why do you think we haven’t harvested any peppers?! Here is our latest bounty. Kim want’s to open, “Kim’s One-Minute Fruit and Vegetable Stand” in front of our house.

 Guy’s Weekend In 5 Photos (July 15 &16)

Until next weekend… stay tuned!

Check out Kevin’s weekend in 5 photos here! 


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