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Well the good news is I didn’t come home from my weekend with the girls with any injuries or random bruises which is surprising since there were tons of ticks and random scary bugs everywhere where we were staying.  Oh and they are apparently having a big problem with scorpions down at the Ozarks.  What the heck is this? There were lots of these too.

download Courtneys Weekend In 5 Photos (July 15 &16)

My friend let us use his place to stay and it was gorgeous, we had our own pool and it was right on the lake.

download 1 Courtneys Weekend In 5 Photos (July 15 &16)

download 2 Courtneys Weekend In 5 Photos (July 15 &16)

We’ve all been friends for over 20 years…well, I’ve known my sister a bit longer;) When we get together there’s lots of laughter and so much music.  We listened to everything from Yacht Rock to the Violent Femmes, the entire Flood album by They Might be Giants to a little “A Chorus Line”.  We also like to play games, my friend Alletha found pool beer pong which we played all weekend.

img 1147 Courtneys Weekend In 5 Photos (July 15 &16)

We also played the most fun game ever!  I know a couple years ago everyone was all about Cards Against Humanity well this is more fun and great if you have lots of pics of you and your friends at all stages of dumb. Hello 20’s!  It’s called Picwits except you don’t use the pictures they include you use your own pictures.  Someone reads the card and say it says “Bad Hair Day”,  you go through your stack of real pics and everyone throws one in, the card reader picks their fave.  Let me tell you, it was THE most fun ever!  So many memories that I didn’t remember.

Lots of fun in the pool!

img 1192 Courtneys Weekend In 5 Photos (July 15 &16)

Not sure what I’m doing here but I look very comfy.

img 1144 Courtneys Weekend In 5 Photos (July 15 &16)

All in all another fabulous girls weekend!

Check out Jen’s weekend in 5 photos here! 


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