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They say “nothing good every happens after 2 a.m.,” but this St. Louis County Police Officer begs to differ.

Officer Ed Schlueter found a way to make his night shift a bit more peaceful, thanks to a fellow night shifter with some golden pipes.

We aren’t sure where Officer Schlueter was, or where “Carlos” works, but we are very happy he shared Carlos’ talents.

The Facebook Live video was posted this past Sunday at 2:30 a.m. Carlos was still feeling very patriotic from the 4th of July and chose to sing the “Star-Spangled Banner.”

Carlos works at a gas station in St. Louis County. Officer Schlueter says while he types up his police reports in his car at the station he will roll down the windows police vehicle to listen to Carlos, who also works a night shift.

Officer Schlueter says Carlos started working the late shift there about four months ago, and his singing has been enjoyed by some of his fellow officers too.

Schlueter says he showed the post, which has gained more than 35,000 views, to Carlos.

“He actually started crying,” Schlueter says. “It was actually a really sweet and touching moment for him and I both… The guys got a heart of gold and great voice to go along with it.”

Officer Schlueter’s Facebook page has gained a large following due to his random acts of kindness and community outreach. He has given out hundreds of dollars worth of gift cards to Dominos, Subway and QuikTrip to people in need. Sometimes the gift cards are donated to him, but sometimes he just buys them himself.

You may also remember him from a video that he posted of himself using Snapchat.


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