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On our way back to STL from Florida, we spied a rare double rainbow outside of our plane’s window. As I understand it, a double rainbow occurs when there are an abundance of leprechauns in the vicinity.

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How can you look at this couple and not feel the joy of togetherness? I walked behind these two beautiful people at Lambert upon our arrival home and, while they will never know the remarkable power of their simple gesture, I wanted to share their image with you.

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My wife, Kim, along with her son, Jack, showing off, what she believes to be, her “World’s Largest Home Grown Zucchini,” from our Kirkwood backyard. Who am I to burst her farmer dreams?

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Bought these battery-operated neon glasses online for Kim to wear at her “party gigs” (her all girls gigglefest). She wasn’t impressed so now I’ve adopted my new RoboCop look. Do I look sexy or what? You have 15 seconds to comply.

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Here’s a quote from Dr. Phil: “You know what’s okay sometimes? Braggin’ on yourself.” So, here I go. Over the weekend I won a two-day senior championship event at Persimmon Woods G.C. My crowning achievement was an eagle on the par 5 4th hole. I won some skin $$$…or as Kim likes to put it, “A couple of cute tops.”

19911693 10212977892298853 483323967 o Guys Vacation in 5 Photos!


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