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Rob Kardashian Posted Nude Pics of His Baby Mama After He Found Out She Cheated 

Jill Devine

I try to stay away from talking about the Kardashians, but I feel like so many people put that family on pedestal when they shouldn’t.

As we have all seen play out on TV, Rob Kardashian struggles with a lot of demons.  He doesn’t seem to know how to control his anger and it happened again yesterday.

Rob got kicked off Instagram yesterday for posting nude “revenge porn” photos of his baby-mama Blac Chyna and then attacking her for allegedly being unfaithful.

It all started over the weekend, when Rob found out Chyna was cheating with some guy because that guy had posted a picture of himself in their bed, wearing Rob’s Versace robe.

So Rob went crazy on her, which prompted them to break up for approximately the 95th time.  Then she sent him a video of herself in bed with the other man, which Rob turned around and posted.  Then he posted the nudes, and accused her of cheating with multiple guys.  He also started listing off all the stuff he’s bought her, including $250,000 in jewelry and $100,000 worth of plastic surgery.

When he got kicked off Instagram, he moved his rant over to Twitter, minus the pictures.

Chyna responded by claiming Rob physically abused her, and also cheated on her with multiple women.  She also taunted him with videos of that jewelry he was complaining about.   No matter who’s at fault for these relationship issues, Rob posted nude pictures of Blac Chyna without her consent, so could he be brought up on charges of revenge porn?  One of the qualifications of revenge porn under California law is that the material is made public with the intent of causing the victim emotional distress.

According to TMZ, Chyna actually liked the pics when Rob posted them on Instagram, so it might be hard to claim he caused her emotional distress.

Now that they have a daughter together, I care more about this story because that poor child is going to have to deal with all of this at some point.  It makes me sick when I see an innocent child involved in the middle of a nasty breakup.  Hopefully Rob and Blac Chyna grow up for their daughter’s sake.


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