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Relationship Advice Women Wish They Got When They Were Younger

Dating these days can be hard. Whether you’re on three different dating apps or trying to find the right weirdo for you, he’s out there we promise.

Take it from a few females and their testimonials.

Cosmo asked women what advice they wish they were given when they were dating, which may just change your mood about relationships.

 “I wish I knew I was totally cute and great and that my self worth was not at all dependent on who wanted to (sleep with) me. I wish I would’ve learned that and memorized it and gotten it tattooed on my eyeballs. Like, go ahead and get yours from dudes, but don’t worry about what they think about you, and focus on your career or other things that are important to you. If a great dude comes along and it’s a match, wonderful, but don’t stress about it!

— Krista, 35

“Your gut instinct is basically always right. If you you think your partner is ignoring you, guess what — they probably are. People who genuinely love you communicate and don’t leave you in the dark. — Sara, 24

“There is nothing wrong with dating other people while you’re getting to know someone, even if you really like them. Get to know other people. Then if and when you decide to become exclusive, you’re confident that you’re truly ready to be in a relationship with that person.” —Ali, 25

“Invest in yourself — not others. I was always chasing boyfriends and friends and letting that fill up a lot of my time. I gave a lot to my relationships and a lot of times I got that as well, but relationships change. Investing everything and all your energy into one when you are younger isn’t the best investment in yourself. After all, eventually you may move or chase a career and that girlfriend or boyfriend you always dropped everything for will not still be around.” — Alexis, 29

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