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Nick and I weren’t looking forward to this weekend because we both lost our dad’s this past year and knew it was going to be tough.  I decided to start the weekend at the pool for a little relaxation.  Since my pool is the most un-fun pool ever built, I had to sneak my O’fallon Wheach Beer in my trusty Ozark Trail Tumbler.  Yes those are speckled hot dog legs…more on hot dogs later.

20170616 155945 Courtneys Weekend in 5 ish Photos (June 16 18)

After the pool I spent some time on my deck watering my flowers.  Good news!  I haven’t killed them yet!

2017061695164800 Courtneys Weekend in 5 ish Photos (June 16 18)

Pt. 2 of Friday night was enjoyed right up the street for a Trivia Night.  I don’t love a Trivia night because I’m usually hosting but I got to play this time and the questions were fun and not too hard except for the Sink or Float category.  Will a paper clip sink or float?  I’m still unsure.

2017061695203343 Courtneys Weekend in 5 ish Photos (June 16 18)

Saturday we went over to St. Louis for our first Cemetery visit of the weekend.  We hung out at Nick’s dad’s gravesite, popped a bottle of champagne and toasted his dad…his dad loved champagne.  We also put a couple of dimes on the headstone, not sure why but apparently it’s good luck or something.

After the cemetery we went to Mellow Mushroom to eat and drown our sorrows.  Try the Meatball Pizza it’s delish!

2017061795184129 Courtneys Weekend in 5 ish Photos (June 16 18)

For Father’s Day on Sunday we spent time visiting my dad at the cemetery. We took some flowers and were happy to see his Cardinals flag is still there from Opening Day.  I still can’t believe he’s gone.  I miss him every single day.

2017061895140639 Courtneys Weekend in 5 ish Photos (June 16 18)

Bonus weekend photo.

Our friends gave us a couple gifts this weekend, not sure if it’s because they knew this would be a tough weekend or maybe they just like us.  My gift was a couple of Coozie Cups that just said…NOPE.  Love them.  Nick got a pair of cufflinks that they had made especially for him.

20170618 123749 Courtneys Weekend in 5 ish Photos (June 16 18)

Yes, that’s right, they’re Chili Cheese Dog cufflinks!!!  Nick is a big fan of a Chili Cheese Dog so this is perfect for him.

Thanks for checking in! See ya next weekend with new photos and more updates!

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