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Here are the MOST common relationship problems for each zodiac sign.

What’s your sign? It may determine how you relationship will go.

These are the most common relationship problems according to your zodiac sign…

Aries – You like to stay in relationship… Even when they go nowhere.

Taurus – You are vengeful. If you are wronged, you do whatever it takes to get even.

Gemini – You are set in your ways and are prone to fight with your partner over nothing.

Cancer – You have a lot of love to give, but don’t know if you can just stick with one person.

Leo – You take awhile on things and need to learn to communicate better.

Virgo – You are over clingy and have trouble accepting differences.

Libra – You try to protect the one you love even if it means having to lie.

Scorpio – You get bored easy and tend to have no explanation for wanting out of a relationship.

Sagittarius – Since you’ve been hurt before, you leave relationships BEFORE the other person can leave you.

Capricorn – You try too hard to please the other person in the relationship.

Aquarius – You are too misunderstood and can’t get your true feelings heard.

Pisces – You are hard to get because you don’t open up.

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