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Before your favorite artists performed on the Bud Light Main Stage at last weekend’s St. Louis Uncorked, we were hanging out with them behind the scenes.

Y98’s Courtney Landrum and Jen Myers sat down with Gavin DeGraw, NEEDTOBREATHE, Ryan Cabrera and Tyler Hilton, to play “Would You Rather” and learn about their summer favorites.

Check out the fun:



Favorite summer song from your childhood:

Bear’s answer was “Escape” a.k.a., The Pina Colada Song by Rupert Holmes, but Bo went with “In the Middle of the Night” by Billy Joel (or sung by Pumba from The Lion King, depending on who you believe).

Favorite summer game? Marco-Polo or Capture the Flag:

We had a split group on this one, although Bear believes they are both “classics.”

Favorite summer drink:

Something us St. Louis-natives have never heard of, Cheerwine. It’s apparently just like a cherry soda. Click here to check it out for yourself.

Does ketchup belong on a hot dog?:

Seth divulged his once-great love for ketchup, after being outed that he put it on everything. But the rest of the guys stick to mustard on their dogs.

Would you rather make money by doing yard work or running a lemonade stand?

Josh was the odd-man out on this one, saying he would go with the lemonade stand.

Ryan Cabrera


Would you rather have the theme song to “Blossom” or “Barney” stuck in your head?

“Blossom,” because he had a crush on Six LeMeure in the show.

Would you rather be an ugly genius, or a hot moron?

He says he is already a ugly genius, so easy answer.

Would you rather win $1,000,000 or have your best friend win $500,000?

He’d let a friend win, but then that friend would have to take him to Paris.

Would you rather be without A/C and heat, or without the internet?

It seemed like another easy answer, because he says he “rarely gets on the information super highway.”

Tyler Hilton


Favorite summer vacation with the family:

Tyler went with his grandpa to Europe when he was 11, and met a very nice girl the same age as him there. Grandpa wanted the trip to be “educational,” but it sounds like Tyler got a little distracted by the locals.

Favorite summer game? Marco-Polo or Capture the Flag:

We’ll call it a tie, he said he often played Marco-Polo with his sister, but Capture the Flag with his Boy Scout buddies was pretty intense.

Favorite frozen food in the summer? Choco Taco or Bomb Pop:

Even though he had no idea what a Bomb Pop was, it was an easy choice because he even made a song about Choco Tacos when he was a kid. It’s probably going platinum.

Favorite song of the summer as a kid:

Ace of Base, “I Saw The Sign.”

Favorite summer memory:

The summer after he graduated from high school he earned the role of Elvis Presley in “Walk The Line” with Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon. He said some of the film crew was taking him to bars, and he was only 19-years-old!

Gavin DeGraw

Recap (he likes to deviate, and it’s hilarious):

What would you rather have stuck in your head all day?: The theme to “The Love Boat” or “Three’s Company”

We didn’t really get an answer, but he sang a bit of “The Love Boat” theme, then went on a tangent about a guy who played guitar on his one of his albums, and also played guitar on “The Love Boat” theme song.

Would you rather be filthy rich, and be Justin Bieber’s butler, or be poor and work for whoever you want?

With some trepidation Gavin decided working for Bieber wouldn’t be bad with the perks of driving his Ferraris. But says he might not be able to deal with the “male nudity.”

Would you rather use sand paper for toilet paper, or vinegar for eye drops?

Again, we didn’t get the answer we wanted, but it was so much better this way. Gavin told us about how his guitar player used to wake up every morning to his cat licking the same exact spot on his forehead. The cat would stop, then start again as soon as he went back to sleep. You know, because a cat’s tongue is like sand paper.


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