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Time Of Birth And Personality

Did you know that the TIME you were born can influence your personality?

This is how the TIME Of your birth can shape your personality.

If you were born…

From Mid night 12 to 2am – You want to learn more. You will have a sharp mind and like to be a good critic. You also will have good friends.

From 2am to 4am – You want to live happily. You like to enjoy life with all material benefits. You will purchase any item that looks good to your eyes.

From 4am to 6am – You will succeed as a leader. You will not deceive anybody. You are most trustworthy and work with utmost sincerity.

From 6am to 8am – You are friendly. You like to help others.

From 8am to 10am – You are a self made person. You will fight for others. You will maintain good relations with everyone.

From 10am to 12noon – You are self-disciplined. You a have a special feature that makes the people to remember you.

From 12noon to 2pm – You like to travel. You have a more selfish nature and always think about yourself before others.

From 2pm to 4pm – You will face in your life both up and downs. You are easily provoked. You wish to face a challenge.

From 4pm to 6pm – You like to love others. You are very polite and sensitive. You are a good arbitrator.

From 6pm to 8pm – Your love is selfless one. You maintain good health.

From 8pm to 10pm – You like to be very joyful. Wherever you go, you will be honored and make others happy.

From 10pm to 12 midnight – You are always search for new things. You are stabilized in your life. You will keep your word.

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