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By Paul Cook

Did she do it yet? Where!? What?! Not yet, and that in itself is “the response” for now. A few successful Hollywood publicists offer up why that’s smart and what both star’s next move should be.

On the Jezebel entertainment website they had successful publicists weigh in on “Swift/Perry” – it’s great stuff:

“This type of stupidity only breeds record sales.”

“The best guess is that Taylor will take her time to respond in a manner that best aligns with her brand without alienating her fans.”

“The more Katy talks about it and Taylor remains silent, the more Katy looks like a bully and Taylor remains America’s sweetheart.”

“Taylor should sit tight and stay off the social media back and forth. She will only be promoting Perry’s new tour. Taylor needs to book a big festival, surprise everyone with a response and call it a day.”

For many of us this whole feud is too petty to warrant much attention in this crazy world, but if it can provide a few moments of distraction from the scary stuff, maybe it’s not a horrible thing. In fact the pettiness of it all might be a big part of why it’s interesting. Those reasons are why we care about this, but how about Katy and Taylor? Should this be a big deal to either of them? If you believe the publicists, it should be big deal because it’s big PROMOTION ($$$).


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