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Danielle Bregoli’s Tour Rider

Who’s Danielle Bregoli you ask?  EXACTLY!  This infuriates me sooooo much!  Like, gets under my skin and puts me in a bad mood and I shouldn’t let her ruin my day, but UGGGGH!

Danielle is a 14-YEAR-OLD who became famous for her catchphrase “Cash me outisde, how bow dah?” on the Dr. Phil show.

She just signed a tour deal with Live Nation – what is she touring for, who would go and see her, and why would ANYONE give her a tour – and she’s demanding a bunch of stuff at the venues where she’s appearing.  From TMZ:

She’s drawing the line at 4-star hotels or better. Money-wise … she requires $750 per diem, plus $3k to cover personal security costs.

Here’s where Danielle really lays down the law:
– 50″ inch TV with Netflix and DVD player for viewing Paris Hilton in “House of Wax” (movie subject to change)
– 3 fidget spinners
– 5 Gildan or Fruit of the Loom brand white tank tops, “ABSOLUTELY NO HANES BRAND”
– 4 large Domino’s pizzas
– 1 fruit platter, but NO pineapple

Danielle’s getting up to $50k if she sells out her 2 tests shows — July 8 in Fort Lauderdale and July 9 in Houston. If all goes well, Live Nation will consider a nationwide tour.

If you’re a hard-working individual and the above doesn’t make you sick, then I don’t know what to say.  The fact that this punk is going to make more money in a year than I ever will is so messed up.



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