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Would You Trust Your Dog to Babysit Your Kids?

Jill Devine

Would you ever leave your kids home alone with just the dog to babysit?

According to a new survey, 12% of parents say they’ve left a kid five or younger alone with the family dog and 40% have left a child under 11 with the dog!!!!!!  WHAT THE WHAT?!?!?  I’m a dog lover, as you know, but that’s insane!  I don’t think someone could convince me that leaving their five-year-old (and even younger!) with the dog is ok.

The survey also found the top four ways that kids can ANTAGONIZE dogs and possibly make them snap are:  Pulling their tail, sitting on them, messing with them while they sleep, and kissing their nose.

Antagonizing a dog should never be something children are “allowed” to do.  Too many incidents happen that way and the dog ends up in a lot more trouble then the child.  Please do not think I’m ok with a dog biting or snapping at a child, but it’s not ok for a child to purposely antagonize a dog.  There are repercussions for antagonizing a human, so it’s the same for a dog, IMO.


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